Pray for 1.6 billion Muslims to experience the love of Christ



1 Month 24 Nations

A simple plan to profoundly impact the Muslim world


We are bombarded almost daily with news of barbaric acts of terrorism. But if all we know about Islam is what we see on the news, we are missing an incredible story:


  • The greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history is happening NOW.
  • Everywhere Islam exists people are being drawn to Jesus Christ.
  • This is happening in direct correlation to increased movements of prayer.


God is MOVING and He's inviting YOU to join Him.


Now is the time to PRAY because Jesus loves and died to save every one of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today.


Join Prayercast on a journey across the Muslim world during the month of Ramadan*. Each week we will focus on a different region, loving and lifting up representative nations in prayer.


Join the Prayercast Ramadan Challenge:


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Let’s ask with one voice that God would shatter the deception of Islam with the presence and truth of Jesus Christ.



OR TEXT ramadan to 22828

* Ramadan: One of the months of the Muslim calendar, coinciding with 27 May-25 June this year. During this month Muslims around the world intentionally seek Allah through prayer and fasting, both among Islam's five pillars, the most important requirements of their faith. Abstaining from earthly pleasures, Muslims seek the cleansing of their souls from sin.

Week 1 - Africa

Week 2 - South Asia/Indo-Malaysia

29 May

30 May

31 May

1 June

2 June

3 June

4 June

5 June

6 June

7 June

8 June

9 June

10 June

11 June

Week 3 - Persia/Turkestan

Week 4 - Arab World

12 June

13 June

14 June

15 June

16 June

17 June

18 June

19 June

20 June

21 June

22 June

23 June

24 June

25 June