Bekzhigit's story

transformed by the Living God

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  • WATCH Bekzhigit discover who God is!

  • PRAISE God for rescuing us from sin!

  • PRAY for millions more Muslim families to follow Jesus together!

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Testimony Videos


  1. Abdoulaye (West Africa)
  2. "Abu-Waleed" (North Africa)
  3. Ahmed (Middle East)
  4. "Aigul" (Central Asia)
  5. "Ali" (Arabian Peninsula)
  6. Ali (Turkey)
  7. "Altyn" (Central Asia)
  8. "Aman" (Central Asia)
  9. Anwar (Bangladesh)
  10. "Bedouma" (West Africa)
  11. Bekzhigit (Kazakhstan)
  12. Belka (North Africa)
  13. Boureima (Burkina Faso)
  14. Emad (Egypt)
  15. "Flor" (Somalia)
  16. "Gulya" (Uzbekistan)
  17. "Jacov" (Middle East)
  18. "Joshua" (India)
  19. "Kaja" (India)
  20. Karim (France)
  21. Keivan (Iran)
  22. Mirbek (Kyrgyzstan)
  23. Mirlan (Kyrgyzstan)
  24. "Murad" (East Africa)
  25. "Muzzafar" and "Fatima" (Central Asia)
  26. "Najma" (India)
  27. "Omar" (North Africa)
  28. Ruslan (Kazakhstan)
  29. Safiya (Kuwait)
  30. Sahanara (India)
  31. "Shahana" (India)
  32. Shaik (India)
  33. Shavkat (Central Asia)
  34. Shino and Shania (Somalia)
  35. Shohrat (Turkmenistan)
  36. "Vadim" (Central Asia)
  37. Yerkinbek (Central Asia)
  38. Ylli (Albania)
  39. Youssef (Morocco)
  40. Z.A. Khan (India)
  41. Zagi (Nigeria)


Page summary


Islam is a way of life in Central Asia. It’s woven into people’s identity. But God is still touching hearts and bringing people to himself. So when we pray, remember that they are real people and not some faceless crowd.


Bekzhigit was one of these Muslims.


Bekzhigit was born into a Muslim family, but his parents were left empty and dissatisfied with what Islam offered. They searched for answers, but they could find none – until they learned about Jesus.


When they gave their lives to Jesus, Bekzhigit’s father stopped drinking alcohol, and his mother was healed from the sickness she suffered from. But Bekzhigit had not yet made up his mind about Jesus.


Would Bekzhigit choose to follow Jesus? How would that change his life?

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