Pray for Belgium

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Prayer Points

  1. Pray for true reconciliation and unity between Flemish and Walloon peoples.
  2. Pray for immigrants and foreigners to be embraced in vibrant Christian community.
  3. Pray for Brussels to be a key city for spiritual revival where people are drawn to Christ.

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About Belgium

Although it is one of the smallest countries in Europe, the Kingdom of Belgium holds significant influence on the world stage. The capital city of Brussels headquarters the European Union. Belgium is also one of the most industrialized European nations, specializing in metal manufacturing, construction, and food production. Belgium is nestled between France and the Netherlands, and the Belgian people are sharply split between Dutch-speaking Flemings in the north and French-speaking Walloons in the south. From linguistic differences to political loyalties — their inability to compromise has affected government progress.

Since gaining independence from the Netherlands in 1830, Belgium has seen its share of violence and was occupied by Germany during both world wars. Internally, the disunity between the north and south resulted in a 1980 Constitutional amendment for autonomy to avoid civil unrest. Belgium’s economy has suffered greatly from both the 2008 financial crisis and the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Public finance is continuously in jeopardy due to the aging population and rising social expenditures. Additionally, growing waves of refugees and immigrants have flooded Belgium over the last three decades. In 2016, the Islamic State coordinated bombings at a Brussels airport and a metro station, aggravating the already poor perceptions of immigrants in the country.

Belgium has freedom of religion, though a media bias against Protestants distorts public perception. Roughly half the people are Catholic, but only a very small percentage attend Mass. Overall, the majority of Belgians’ lives are unaffected by religion leading to a cultural Christianity and nominalism mixed with rapid secularization. Thankfully, international churches are growing in their appeal to both nationals and immigrants, and evangelical faith has never been stronger. Much of the Spirit-filled faith movement in the country comes from immigrants and foreigners. These churches are a symbol of unity for a nation torn apart by hate. If God         stirs spiritual revival in the hearts of Belgians, imagine how a strategic city like Brussels — and the rest of the world — would be impacted by their example of Jesus Christ’s love and grace!



Population in unreached people Groups




Major People Groups
  • Other
  • Fleming (Dutch Flemish)
  • Walloon (French)
  • Walloon
  • Vlaams (Flemish)
  • Limburgisch
Population in unreached people Groups


  • Christian
  • Agnostic
  • Muslim
  • Atheist
  • Other

1:46 AM

  • Capital City


  • Government

    Federal parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy

  • Language

    Dutch, French, Walloon, Vlaams, Limburgish

  • GDP Per Capita


  • Literacy Rate


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