Prayer Points

  1. Pray for an end to extremist activities that cause poverty, lack of education, mass evacuations, and murder.
  2. Pray for unity among believers, especially in the north.
  3. Pray for tribal Muslims to be transformed by the Gospel.

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About Mali

Between Algeria to the north and Niger to the east is the West African nation of Mali.  Once ruled by France, Mali achieved independence in 1960.  This independence came at a price, though, as a dictatorship held power for over three decades. Yet from this political rubble has emerged one of the most stable democracies in Africa. Despite representing multiple ethnic groups, Mali has enjoyed peaceful relations among its people.  Fishing in the Niger and Senegal rivers has provided a stable economy that also helps feed a developing agricultural economy.

However, Mali is one of  the twenty-five poorest countries in the world.  With no coastline, Mali is dependent on agricultural exports and gold mining for revenue.  The harsh Sahara desert in the north causes frequent droughts, damaging the delicate farming industry.  Security issues continue to hinder efforts for tourism.  Mali also has one of the world’s highest rates of infant mortality, with 106 deaths per 1,000 births.  Almost half of the entire population is under the age of fifteen.  Mali is also a source, transit, and destination area for men, women, and children who are subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking.  Women and young girls are placed in domestic servitude as well as sold for sex. Young boys are forced to work in gold mines and the agricultural sector. Forced begging is a current issue that has yet to be addressed properly by the government.

Yet, despite the struggles and poverty, God is still there. The church, though still small, has taken root in the cultures and hearts of the Malian people. Ninety-five percent of the population is Muslim, though the Islam practiced is moderate and tolerant. At only three percent of the population, each year, the number of Christians is doubling. Due to the extreme poverty, Mali depends on the foreign aid of Libya and Saudi Arabia, who fund Malian schools which are based on Qur’anic beliefs. Most churches are combining outreach with the relief aid that is so desperately needed. Sixty percent of Malians are unreached, but there is hope in the small but fervent church that is taking shape. God’s hope is prevailing.



Population In Unreached People Groups




Major People Groups
  • Bambara
  • Fulani
  • Sarakole/Soninke/Marka
  • Senufo/Manianka
  • Malinke
  • Dogon
  • Other Malian
  • Sonrai
  • Bobo
  • Tuareg/Bella
  • From Members Of Economic Community Of West Africa
  • Other
Population In Unreached People Groups


  • Muslim
  • Christian
  • None
  • Animist

5:29 AM


  • Capital City


  • Government

    Semi-presidential Republic

  • Language

    Bambara, French, Peuhl/Foulfoulbe/Fulani, Dogon, Maraka/Soninke, Malinke, Sonrhai/Djerma, Minianka, Tamacheq, Senoufo, Bobo, Other

  • GDP Per Capita


  • Literacy Rate


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