"Bedouma's" Story

Searching for answers in secret

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Action Steps

  1. WATCH Bedouma discover the God who cares for the widow and the orphan!
  2. CELEBRATE God prompting people to search for Him through small things!
  3. PRAY that millions more Muslims in West Africa would know the God who cares!

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About “Bedouma’s” Story

Islam is the dominant identity for many people groups across West Africa – but God is drawing people to Himself. Remember that Jesus died to save each one of these Muslims. Remember that each one is a unique person with a unique story – like Bedouma.

Bedouma grew up in West Africa, and he did not think very highly of the white people in America. But one day he saw a white woman carrying an African child. He did not know what to think. Why would these people come from a land like America to help suffering children in Africa?

Bedouma could not make sense of it. So he decided he would investigate more about what these people believed. But he did so secretly, because he followed the Quran and Sharia Law.

What would Bedouma learn about the God of the Bible? How would this change his life?

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He who is gracious to a poor man lends to the Lord and He will repay him. —Proverbs 19:17

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