Learn to Pray

What is prayer?

Prayer is simply communication with God. No more, no less. He is the Creator of all things and the Ruler of the universe. He is our Father and the Lover of our souls. Talking with Him and actively listening in response is how we grow in relationship. Prayer is humbling and intimate. It’s encouraging and life-giving. It’s an essential part of God’s unfolding plan for your life and for all of redemptive history.

How do we pray?

Jesus teaches us how to approach the Father in Matthew 6:9-13. When we pray, we enter into a space of reverence, humility, and thanksgiving. Beyond that, there is no exact way to pray. It’s not magic. There’s no power in the words themselves. The power – all power – is in the One who hears! Sometimes you may feel the need to bow, other times you may take a walk. Sometimes you’ll be in your home, other times in the coffee shop. Sometimes you’ll pray aloud, other times silently. As long as you are sincerely and humbly talking with God, that’s the right way to pray.

LORD, teach us to PRAY

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Prayercast exists to fuel a global movement of prayer for the sake of the lost. But victorious and world-changing prayer involves more than knowing what to pray for. We need to know how and why we should pray. These teaching resources are meant to awaken hearts and create a deeper understanding of the essential role prayer is to play in the life of the believer and in the Great Commission itself. Join us to explore why prayer is the first and most critical step in reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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