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Prayer Points

  1. Pray for revival and regeneration from historically deep Christian roots.
  2. Pray for believers to stand strong in the face of spiritual apathy masked as Dutch tolerance.
  3. Pray for the large number of young people who either know nothing about Christ or view Christianity as irrelevant.

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About Netherlands

With over 20 percent of its lands lying below sea level, the Netherlands – “low lands” – is one of the geographically lowest nations on earth.  Also known as Holland, this most crowded European nation shares borders with Germany and Belgium and also includes several islands in the Caribbean. The Dutch word gezelligheid, which means cozy and sociable, is embodied in Dutch culture, and the people of Holland have a long history of tolerance and acceptance, traditions that today are increasingly taken to extremes in embracing all lifestyles.

The Netherlands has an advanced free market economy and boasts one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. The capital city of Amsterdam is one of the world’s major financial centers, while Rotterdam boasts one of the world’s busiest ports.  The Hague, the seat of government, is home to over 150 international organizations, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, and it also hosts a large United Nations presence.|With a rich Christian heritage forged in the Protestant Reformation, the Netherlands has long been a vibrant part of the Church.  Sadly, much of that heritage has been lost as the nation increasingly turns its back on its Christian roots. Less than 20 percent of the Dutch people attend church regularly, and half of all church buildings have been destroyed or repurposed as taverns, mosques, etc.  The nation is a world leader in promoting New Age worldviews, and more than 47% of the population does not claim a religion at all.  While great opportunities exist for reaching out to the Muslim minority because of cultural discrimination, Christians are becoming afraid to speak out against what is wrong because of the tolerance that the society prides itself on having. The Netherlands desperately needs spiritual revival so that the multitudes of lost across the nation would be saved.



Population in unreached people Groups




Major People Groups
  • Other
  • Dutch
  • Limburgisch
  • Drents Dutch
  • Groningen Dutch
  • Frisian (Western Frisian)
Population in unreached people Groups


  • Christian
  • Agnostic
  • Muslim
  • Atheist
  • Buddhist
  • Hindu
  • Other

1:37 AM

  • Capital City


  • Government

    Parliamentary constitutional monarchy

  • Language

    Dutch, Limburgish, Drents, Gronings, Frisian

  • GDP Per Capita


  • Literacy Rate


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