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About Extremists & Fundamentalists

There was a man who traveled across the Middle East hunting Christians. He arrested many. Some were killed. The blood of martyrs was on his hands.

Then God saved him.

The man’s name was Saul, and his story is in the Bible. (Acts 8-9, 11-28)

God gave him a new life and new name. Paul would become one of the greatest witnesses to Jesus’ authority, power, and forgiveness the world has ever known.

It can be hard to pray for people like Saul.

But God loves extremists and fundamentalists.

He loves them so much that He came Himself to pay the penalty for their sin if they would only believe.

He is willing to give eternal life to any who call on Him. And He is doing it today!

Pray along with these brave former extremists and fundamentalists that God would turn more Sauls into Pauls!

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