About Komba

It reads like the book of Acts: an unreached, unengaged people group is contacted with the Gospel, and within two years there are 68 churches and over 4500 new believers. God intervenes dramatically in many lives, healing the sick and liberating people from demonic oppression. Indigenous leaders are raised up to engage ever-widening circles of people with the Gospel.

God is doing this among the Komba people. A marginalized subset of the 600,000-strong Konkomba people group, the Komba live in over 120 villages in northern Ghana, West Africa. For centuries they have made their living by subsistence farming; today most villages remain without running water or electricity. But the Gospel is spreading.

Through the Jesus Film and the distribution of audio recordings of scripture, worship, and testimony contained on BIBLEplus+ units, the Komba are being reached with the message of Christ. And His word comes with power: evangelism is often accompanied by healing and deliverance of those oppressed by demons. New believers burn their idols as they give their allegiance wholly to Christ.

We praise the Lord for His work in Kombaland as we continue to pray for and give toward the work there. Donations to OneWay Africa fund church-planting, leaders’ training,  and showings of the Jesus film, while $50 given to BIBLEplus+ places a “digital missionary” in a Komba home. Join us as we rejoice in the Kingdom that knows neither boundary nor end!

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