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A Prayer for America

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About Prayer for America

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes thousands upon thousands of American lives, an even deeper sickness is being gruesomely exposed.

The brutal and tragic murder of George Floyd while in police custody has ignited an eruption of protests against racism and police brutality, across America and even around the world. Many of these demonstrations have been peaceful cries for justice. But many have not. Ugly scenes have unfolded across American cities from coast to coast. This unrest has spiraled into widespread curfews and the activation of the National Guard.

But this issue is first and foremost a spiritual one.

The evils of hatred, racism, anger, and vengeance have been dragged into the light.
Long neglected sins are being exposed in our streets.
The sinful heart of mankind is on full display on all our screens.

We pray – and we have prayed, as Christ followers. But the problems persist. And one of the reasons is that our house – the Lord’s house – is not in order.

God is grieved. And we grieve with Him. But even more, we need to repent.

May the Church arise, united in hating what is evil and clinging to what is good. May we be devoted to one another in brotherly love. And may we honor one another above ourselves. For the sake of His glory. And so the world may know that Jesus loves them.

Spiritual battles must be fought with spiritual weapons. And so, we PRAY as Jesus taught us, “Deliver us from evil.”

Come, Lord Jesus. In You alone are justice and peace. And it is Your love alone that binds us together.

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If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it. —John 14:14

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