Ruslan's Story

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  1. WATCH Ruslan witness God’s power to deliver people from their suffering!
  2. PRAISE God for the way He chooses to reveal Himself!
  3. PRAY for freedom through Christ for millions of Muslims in bondage to addiction!

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About Ruslan’s Story

Kazakhstan in Central Asia is home to millions of Muslims, and God pursuing many of them even now. As we pray, remember that these people are just like us: loved by God and in need of a savior.

Ruslan was one of these Muslims.

Ruslan grew up with only his mother and brother. His father left when he was four, and the three of them had to fend for themselves. Some nights Ruslan would sleep with six blankets and still be cold. His brother became addicted to drugs.

Eventually, Ruslan attended the madrassa (mosque school) and studied the Quran, but it did not satisfy him. He could not understand it.

One day, in a fit of desperation, Ruslan’s brother threw his drugs in the fire. “I need help,” he told them.

Would Ruslan’s brother ever be free of his addiction and pain? How would that impact the rest of the family? And whatever happened to Ruslan’s father?

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He who is gracious to a poor man lends to the Lord and He will repay him. —Proverbs 19:17

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