Shino And Shania's Story

Standing firm in the face of intense family pressure

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  1. WATCH Shino and Shania discover who Jesus is!
  2. PRAISE God that He continues to reveal Himself to people, even in dreams!
  3. PRAY for Jesus to reveal Himself to millions more refugees!

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About Shino And Shania’s Story

The civil war in Somalia created thousands of refugees, forcing many Muslims to leave their home. God loves these dear people and is drawing some of them to Himself. Shino and Shania were among the Somali refugees.

Shino and his wife Shania tried to please Allah. Shania practiced fasting and praying, but nothing seemed to help. Allah did not answer.

One day, a friend sent her a video of some Muslims beheading a man. She was horrified! Shania refused to follow Allah anymore. How could she, when Muslims killed innocent people for him?

That same night, she had a dream. A shining man came from heaven and called her to come. When she woke up, Shania was confused. Who was that man?

Where will Shania find the answers she is looking for? How will her husband react to her dream and where it might lead her? How will the man from the dream change their lives?

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