"Kaja's" Story

Searching for truth about who Jesus really is

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Action Steps

  1. WATCH as God opens “Kaja’s” eyes to the Truth of the Gospel!
  2. REJOICE that “Kaja’s” Christian friends continued to share the Gospel with him!
  3. PRAY that Muslims would have courage to follow Jesus even when their families reject them!

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About “Kaja’s” Story

The family bond is extremely tight for most Muslims, and protecting the family’s honor trumps all. But this does not prevent God from drawing different members of the family to Jesus. As we pray for the millions of Muslim families around the world, remember these bonds of loyalty and honor. “Kaja” is from this kind of family.

One of thirteen children, “Kaja” grew up learning how to be a good Muslim from his family. His parents taught him that Jesus was a prophet, not God. But his Christian friends at school disagreed. They told him that Jesus saves us and forgives sins.

“Kaja” hoped to could convert his friends to Islam, so he kept in contact with them – even when he moved schools. But his friends were not convinced. And they continued to talk to him about Jesus. They even prayed for him!

Will “Kaja” listen to his friends? Or will he keep trying to convert them to Islam? How will his family react to these Christian ideas?

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He who is gracious to a poor man lends to the Lord and He will repay him. —Proverbs 19:17

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