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"they have the word of their testimony" (Rev.12:11)

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About Testimonies

There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world today. And every single man, woman, and child has a unique story.

For millions, that story now includes a decision to follow Jesus Christ.

These millions of former Muslims who now follow Jesus represent every part of the world. Men and women of all ages. Rich and poor. Individuals and families. Urban and rural.

Some are part of thriving networks of churches. Some are so isolated they know few other believers.

Their journeys to Jesus were as diverse as the people themselves. They include things like:

  • Talking with a believer
  • Reading the Injil (New Testament)
  • Asking big questions
  • Receiving visions and dreams
  • Experiencing God’s power and love
  • Witnessing amazing miracles
  • And so much more!

But every one of these former Muslims has this in common:

  1. God loves them.
  2. God pursued them.
  3. God saved them.

As we WATCH each one of these incredible stories of transformation and hope, take time to PRAISE God, who is revealing Himself to Muslims around the world every day!

Then PRAY that millions more – hundreds of millions more – would experience that same forgiveness, freedom, joy, and hope that is only available through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

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