• Pray for growing numbers of house churches to affect the grip of communism.


• Pray for more Bibles and other Christian resources to be made available to this thirsting nation.


• Pray for evangelism and discipleship of Cuban expatriates around the world.




As a Coast Guard boat bears down on a boatload of Cubans crossing the Straits of Florida, it signals the end of a dream:  to find freedom in the United States. In 2011, over one thousand similar attempts to escape failed. The warmth and beauty of this tropical island masks harsh repression, endemic poverty, and religious persecution. One of the three poorest countries in the Caribbean, it is a totalitarian police state which relies on brutality and intimidation to maintain control of the populace. And as the government attempts to restrict church activity, it endorses participation in "Spiritism", deeming it "cultural". The hopelessness of daily life in such an environment makes a desperate water escape seem like the only possible solution.


When Columbus landed on Cuba in 1492, it began several centuries of slave trade, sugar plantations, and treasure fleets bound from Mexico and Peru to Spain. Fidel Castro established a communist state in 1959, and today the island is one of the few remaining bastions of socialism in the world. Eleven million people live in Cuba and three quarters of them reside in urban areas. Castro's policies have led to economic and political isolation, and as a result, most Cubans experience shortages of almost everything.


In matters of faith, 57% claim to be Catholic, yet less than 10% attend mass. In an attempt to thwart recent growth in the church, government authorities are targeting church leaders in the hope of creating a vacuum of leadership. Recently, the church has seen significant growth, especially among the youth. Despite widespread surveillance and infiltration by security agents, pastors and their unregistered churches are boldly proclaiming truth. Strong leadership is needed, along with Bibles and literature, which are inaccessible to unregistered churches.  Unity among believers of all denominations will break the strongholds of socialism and spirit worship and bring a wave of hope through salvation to all of Cuba.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: Acrisolada - Contigo quiero caminar: gorana73


Continent: North America

Capital City: Havana

Government: Communist State

Population: 11,451,652

Major People Groups: 99% Hispanic, 1% Other

Religion: 46% Catholic, 35% Non, 17% Spiritist

Language: Spanish

GDP Per Capita: $4,000

Literacy Rate: 99.8%



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