• Pray for mature beliefs free from tribal or animistic thinking.


• Pray for more Biblical training for indigenous Church leaders to protect from syncretism.


• Pray for young people to choose abstinence to cleanse their nation of HIV/AIDS.




Sometimes referred to as “the jewel of Africa,” Botswana has transformed itself from one of the world’s poorest nations in 1966 into one of continent’s most impressive economic and political showcases. Full of not only beautiful people, the country’s breathtaking landscape and wild animals also draw tourists by the thousands each year.


Yet despite being a nation full of beauty and potential, Botswana also faces many underlying challenges. With one out of three people in the nation HIV positive, life expectancy has dropped from 72 to 39 since 1990, and AIDS/HIV has left 80,000 orphans. With the world’s second highest HIV infection rate, funerals have tragically become the dominant social gathering in many communities.  If trends are not reversed, the number of orphans will grow to over 200,000, and life expectancy rates will continue to plummet.


In addition to the enemy of disease, the moral breakdown in Botswana has crippled the once strong family structure and led to an overall sense of vanity and despair.


Human intellect and wisdom may be able to construct a nation economically and politically, but cannot heal the true needs of the Botswana people.  If Christ is not the foundation, all the people, plans, and resourcefulness will fail.


Christ provides His people the full armor of God with which to stand firm against any enemy.  Through prayer, we can join in the battle for the precious lives of this nation.  May Christ empower His people to boldly proclaim His gospel there, and give the people of this beautiful nation with so much potential, energy, and ingenuity a firm and eternal foundation on which to build their lives and Christ's Kingdom.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: TESTIFY-(Botswana's No.1 Gospel Rapper)-4rm Testimony Chapter: Testiweezy


Continent: Africa

Capital City: Gaborone

Government: Parliamentary Republic

Population: 1,990,876

Major People Groups: 94% Bantu, 3% San

Religion: 66% Christian, 34% Tradition

Language: English/Setswana

GDP Per Capita: $10,900

Literacy Rate: 81.2%



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