• Pray for a stable and trustworthy government to act in the interest of all its people.


• Pray for the Church to continue to overcome evil with divine forgiveness and love.


• Pray for Jesus to reveal Himself to an unprecedented number of Muslims disillusioned by Islamic State.




Land of the pyramids, the Pharaohs, the Nile, the unfathomable rescue of the Israelites through an open sea. It is one of the most fascinating places in all the world.  It is also one of the most strategic.


Egypt lies in the heart of the Muslim world - if there is a country that we should be praying for, Egypt is it. Many Christian leaders believe Egypt is the key to bringing the love of Christ to the unreached masses in the Arab world.


Real people live in Egypt.


We think of "Alex," a translator who risked everything to leave Egypt and share Christ in Libya. He was put in prison for three months for giving a cassette tape to a person on the street.


We think of "Philip", who literally gathers hundreds of believers secretly in a remote area to pray and mobilize missionaries to go undercover throughout the Arab world. They go to Saudi, Yemen, Libya, etc., and risk their lives for the gospel. You should hear THEIR worship!


We think of "Andrew", a trained doctor who makes almost nothing as a physician in Egypt. He is also a music producer and came to the States to produce an album with Oneway that was released and sent throughout the Arab world.


Lastly, we think of a group of 450 churches in the remote Solomon Islands who have experienced revival for DECADES. They have specifically covenanted to fast and pray continuously for Egypt and the Arab world at the top of "prayer mountains'. They journey up the mountain and pray, sometimes all night. They stretch out their hands to a land thousands of miles away. Their focus : Egypt.


Let's join them and others in changing the world.


The people are real. The church is under fire. The opportunities are tremendous. God is able.


It is time to pray for Egypt. So let us watch and pray.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: AWHAM , أوهام

: Nizar Fares


Continent: Africa

Capital City: Cairo

Government: Republic

Population: 88,487,396

Major People Groups: Egyptian 99.6%, other 0.4%

Religion: Muslim 90%, Christian 10%

Language: Arabic, English, French

GDP Per Capita: $11,800

Literacy Rate: 71.4%



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