• Pray for nominal Christians throughout Italy, that they would gain a true understanding of the gospel.


• Pray for Italians enslaved by tradition or disillusioned with church structures to encounter the living Christ.


• Pray for the power of God to be revealed and to set free those lost in the darkness of occult, pagan, and New Age practices.




From top of the "boot" in the Alps to the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, off its "toe", Italy is acclaimed for its wonderful cuisine, priceless art treasures and beautiful landscapes. From the world's view, Italy is thriving. Its economy is doing well and politically its democratic republic is working in spite of many governmental changes in recent years.


Looking at Italy spiritually, however, it is not the Christian nation it is sometimes thought to be. About 90% of the people consider themselves Catholic, but in fact only one-third of them are practicing Catholics. Evangelical believers number less than 0.8%. Much of Italy is untouched by the Gospel.


In contrast, the darkness of the Occult, New Age activities, cults and Satanism are strong forces in Italy today. Yet despite this very difficult spiritual climate, there is hope. The training and development of national leaders has been promising. Italians are searching. Italy is ripe for the change only Christ can bring.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: Days of Elijah - Italian worship: spielmannandrea


Continent: Europe

Capital City: Rome

Government: Republic

Population: 58,126,212

Major People Groups: 94% Italian,

6% Other

Religion: 77% Christian, 20% Non, 2% Muslim

Language: Italian/German

GDP Per Capita: $30,200

Literacy Rate: 98.4%



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