• Pray for the Gospel to take root in Japanese culture and no longer be perceived as a western religion.


• Pray for drifting, over-worked, and anxious youth to find freedom in Christ.


• Pray for the unity of God's Spirit to demolish barriers dividing the 120 different denominations.




In the Land of the Rising Sun, where the gods of Shintoism capture many minds and the temples of Buddhism capture many eyes, the Morning Star cries out through the voice of a small remnant of Christian believers that the King of Kings desires to bring life to the beautiful people of Japan.


In a land where success has occurred through technological innovation and integration, most Japanese have blended Buddhism and Shintoism together to dictate the ritualistic practices of their lives. Interestingly, though, over 80% claim no personal religion.


In a land where 70-80% of the islands formed by volcanic activity are mountainous and uninhabitable, the gospel has not found a home in the vast majority of Japanese hearts. Only 1.56% of the 127 million people in Japan call themselves Christians.


But in the presence of this remnant, God has placed the seeds of hope. Natural disasters, economic struggles, an increasing rebelliousness among young people and the emergence of more antisocial cults has left many Japanese searching for answers in the midst of unfamiliar territory. For all of these, Jesus is the answer. He asks us to join Him through prayer as He seeks to reconcile the people of Japan to the God that created them.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14






Source: 叫べ全地よ - Shout to the Lord in Japanese: Nelson Martin Pompeyo


Continent: Asia

Capital City: Tokyo

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Population: 126,451,398

Major People Groups: 98.5% Japanese, 0.5% Korean, 0.4% Chinese, 0.6% other

Religion: 79.2% Shintoism, 66.8% Buddhism,

1.5% Christianity, 7.1% other

Language: Japanese

GDP Per Capita: $42,7000

Literacy Rate: 99%



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