• Pray for people to find true hope in Jesus rather than from a secular government.


• Pray for the small Church to mature in faith and stand strong against evil.


• Pray for courage for cultural Muslims who are open to Jesus but frightened by potential persecution.




A central Asian state, Kyrgyzstan is nestled in the Tien Shan mountain range, bordered by China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.  The country boasts great ethnic diversity which includes Turkics, Europeans, and East Asians.  The poor, agricultural economy is stymied by its mountainous, landlocked location.  As many as 500,000 citizens have sought work in Russia and Kazakhstan due to high unemployment rates and rampant poverty.  Kyrgyzstan gained independence from the USSR in 1991, but unfortunately the new government was characterized by even more corruption, incompetence, and heavy-handedness.


Kyrgyzstan's riots and coup of 2010 indicate the people's widespread disillusionment with the government's ability to alleviate crime, corruption, and poverty.  Terrible violence between the Kyrgyz and Uzbeks demonstrate the deep ethnic, political, and communal tensions in the country.  Though political opposition ousted the then president and opened doors for a parliamentary democracy and a new president in July 2010, there is still little positive change.   Many rural citizens have moved to Kyrgyzstan's cities looking for work, which has created a growing underclass of slum dwellers.  High rates of alcoholism, drug trafficking, gambling, prostitution, and unemployment challenge an already broken nation. Kyrgyzstan desperately needs a just government that will create lasting change in the Kyrgyz nation, and more importantly, an outpouring of a loving God to heal old wounds and free those living in darkness.


Kyrgyzstan is primarily a Muslim state with 89% of the population declaring themselves followers of Mohammed.  New laws limit freedoms of speech and religion as well as other Christian activities.  The Church grew greatly in the days after Communism, but progress has now slowed and there is a need for passion and fire in stagnant churches.  Believers need wisdom in reaching out to Muslims and the Orthodox who are resistant to proselytism, and the increasing gap between the Orthodox and non-Orthodox must be closed for effective Christian witness to orient change.  Kyrgyz cultural identity is so tightly associated with Islam that accepting Christ can be a difficult decision.  Muslims intimidate believers through property destruction and physical violence.  To help the poor, elderly, and disabled, Christians must find legal, profitable employment.  Ministering to "the least of these" will transform the society and economy of Kyrgyzstan for Jesus.  Because little Christian literature is available in Kyrgyzstan, Christian publishers need economic self-sufficiency to increase the number of native Christian authors published and to offer a larger variety of resources for ministry development.  May the Lord of the impossible draw the people of Kyrgyzstan to a future hope that transforms lives for the Kingdom in the present.




Source: Kyrgyz-Korean Christian Worship: Alex1TR


Continent: Asia

Capital City: Bishkek

Government: Republic

Population: 5,789,122

Major People Groups: 73.2% Kyrgyz, 14.6% Uzbek, 5.8% Russian, 1.1% Dungan, 5.3% other

Religion: 75% Muslim, 20% Russian Orthodox, 5% other

Language: 71.4% Kyrgyz, 14.4% Uzbek, 9% Russian, 5.2% other

GDP Per Capita: $3,700

Literacy Rate: 99.5%



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