• Pray for Godly leaders to arise in churches, government, and society.


• Pray for national repentance of sin, immorality, and selfishness.


•Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church, bringing another Great Awakening.




The United States is a nation to whom much has been given. It boasts some of the richest farmland, abundant resources, a literate and educated population, and a 44,000 dollar per capita GDP. It is a democratic republic with a constitution that guarantees freedom of speech, press, assembly, protest, due process under the law, and religion; making it one of the freest and most open nations in the world. It is no surprise that immigrants from around the world have been flocking to its shores seeking opportunity, liberty, and a new life. With such a heritage the United States has become a culturally diverse, multi-ethnic and globally connected nation.


In such an open and free environment religious diversity flourishes. But even though America is home to over twenty major religious groups, 84% of Americans claim to be Christians with 40% of them professing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Out of a population of 278 million, it has sent 60,200 missionaries from 631 agencies to 220 countries and sponsors hundreds of domestic Christian ministries.


Despite these promising numbers, much more could be done. Among believers, there is much apathy towards Christ and the Great Commission. Many American Christians have begun to focus on materialism, grown comfortable and complacent and become self-reliant instead of dependent on Christ. Many are content to attend church, give a small donation and pursue their own goals in order to protect what is theirs, ignoring the 35 million who live below the poverty line and millions around the world facing a Christ-less eternity. As the Bible makes clear in Matthew 6:19-24, believers are not to store up their treasures on earth, but to serve, give and profess Christ in order to store up treasures in heaven.


God has blessed and equipped the United States with abundant physical, monetary and human resources, thus expects His people to go and share His gospel with other nations and with those whom He has brought to their own cities and neighborhoods. Pray that the churches of the United States will answer the call, and be revived and activated to give, sacrifice, serve and spread the gospel to those near and far. Pray the American believers will not idly squander God's blessings, gifts and opportunities, but galvanize them and use them to further God's kingdom for His glory.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: You're Beautiful -Phil Wickham {HD}: diamy00


Continent: North America

Capital City: Washington D.C.

Government: Constitution-Based Federal Republic

Population: 307,212,123

Major People Groups: 70% Euro-American,

12% Afro-American

Religion: 84% Christian, 9% Non, 2% Jewish, 1% Muslim

Language: English/Spanish

GDP Per Capita: $44,000

Literacy Rate: 99%



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