Emad's story

set free and transformed by God's power

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Islam has dominated Egyptian life for 1400 years. But God loves Egypt, and He is working powerfully among Egyptians today. Each one is dear to him, and we need to remember that they are people just like us. People like Emad.


Emad may have been born to a Christian family, but he turned away from God and decided to become an atheist when he was thirteen.


Since his father died when he was young, no one stopped him when he smoked and drank alcohol. As he grew, Emad was convinced that God did not exist, and he passionately believed in communism.


One day, he was visiting his sister for dinner, and her other guest began sharing the gospel with him. But Emad was stubborn. “If Christ exists,” he said, “He has to show Himself physically to me.”


Would that actually happen? Would Emad ever believe the Bible? What could cause his life to change?

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  • WATCH Emad experience the power of God!

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  • PRAY for millions of Egyptian Muslims to follow Jesus!

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