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People in East Africa have followed Islam for centuries. But God continues to pursue them. He knows each of their names and loves them completely. “Murad” is one who was pursued and known by God.


“Murad” grew up surrounded by Islam. He attended a madrassa from an early age to learn from the best teachers.


Like many Muslims, “Murad” did not like Christians. He believed they had no morals. But then he became friends with some Christians who did value morals and following God. Together, they learned wisdom from Proverbs.


Every week, “Murad” told himself he would stop coming to the Bible study, but he never did. One day, a friend questioned him, “When did you choose to be Muslim?” But “Murad” had no answer – and it troubled him.


Will “Murad” choose to continue on the path of Islam? Or will studying the Bible bring him to decide something different?

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  • WATCH “Murad” learn about the God of the Bible!

  • THANK God for Christians who live out their faith for others to see!

  • PRAY for millions of other Muslims in East Africa to follow Jesus!

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