• Pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit among the 86% of the population who are church members but do not attend worship.


• Pray for vibrant churches to be planted in Oslo among Muslim and Asian immigrants.


• Pray for spiritual awakening among increasingly secular high school and college students.



One of four Scandinavian nations, The Kingdom of Norway is located on the western side of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Its name is derived from the word Norge ("the Northern Way"), reflecting its location on the northern periphery of Europe. Norway joined Sweden and Denmark in the Union of Kalmar in 1397 and was ruled by Danish kings until the Napoleonic Wars of 1814. A separate union with Sweden was formed, and a constitution was written. Due to political differences, the nation became independent in 1905. Norway is now a constitutional monarchy with the king as head of state and parliament as the supreme authority.


Norway has large offshore oil fields in the North Sea and is the second largest exporter of gas and the seventh largest exporter of oil in the world. Its economy is dependent on this production of petroleum, which constitutes a third of state income and is the largest portion of export revenue. Norway also has one of the leading merchant fleets in the world. There is a widespread belief in egalitarianism among the Norwegians, and division of labor is based on skill, not status or seniority. A national 60-40 rule requires that women make up 40 percent of most committees, and eight out of 10 women are employed outside the home. Independence and self-sufficiency are important attributes in Norwegian culture.


Freedom of religion is granted, with the Church of Norway being Lutheran. Christianity was introduced when King Olaf I was converted and made it the state religion in 995.  The Church emphasizes missions, and Norway is one of the top missionary sending nations in the world. Though the majority of the population are church members, a large number of them are no longer committed. Islam is now the second largest religion in Norway, with many Muslims emigrating from places such as Pakistan and Iran. Many are not fully committed to the Islamic faith and are open to the Gospel.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.  - John 14:14





Source: Eg er framand (Norsk folkesang): Vikingskog


Continent: Europe

Capital City: Oslo

Government: Parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Population: 5,509,591

Major People Groups: 64% Norwegian (Dano-Norwegian); 24% Norwegian (New Norse); 1% Urdu; 1% Northern Lapp (Samish); 1% Somali

Religion: Christian 85%, Agnostic 7%, Muslim 6%, Buddhist 1%, Atheist 1%

Language: Norwegian

GDP Per Capita: $63,600

Literacy Rate: 100%



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