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Middle East Prayer Plan

Billions of people are living today without having a saving relationship with Jesus. Billions. Unless something changes, these billions around us will spend an eternity in hell. The need is both critical and vast. Only God can change their situation. And so we pray. In fact, we are convinced that there is no more vital or strategic activity we can engage in for the sake of the lost around the world than to pray. This special Prayercast Journey serves as a launching point – a place to begin in prayer for the lost. This plan helps you to pray systematically through all or part of the world and to be consistent in praying over time. You will watch a different video and pray five days per week. We recommend printing this sheet out and placing it in your Bible, next to your computer, or wherever you are most likely to engage with these Prayercast videos in prayer. Thank you for joining us in a growing global movement of people in over 160 nations every month who are uniting in strategic, persistent prayer for the lost around the world. Want to change the world? PRAY.

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