pray for Muslims in the majority Muslim world

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1.8 billion Muslims are scattered across the world today. They speak different languages. They have different skin colors. Some are rich. Some are poor. And they believe in and practice Islam in different ways.


But they ALL have two things in common:

1. Jesus loves them.

2. Each one needs a Savior.


In this set you will be led in strategic prayer by former Muslims across different regions of the majority Muslim world. By praying through each video, your prayers can literally touch nearly every corner of the world!


So don’t miss a single one.


Let's change the world by praying for it – region by region.

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regions Videos


  1. Arabian Peninsula
  2. Central Asia
  3. East Africa
  4. Eastern South Asia
  5. Indo-Malaysia
  6. Middle East
  7. North Africa
  8. Persian World
  9. Turkish World
  10. West Africa
  11. Western South Asia