West Elsdon

Southwest Side

      Prayer Points

  • There is a great need for evangelism and follow up Bible instruction in West Elsdon. Pray for a strong, incarnational presence from the body of Christ.


  • Pray for the local community churches to provide the social services that are needed by the neighborhood residents.


  • Pray for attempts of church planting in this neighborhood to take root and connect with community residents.


  • There is a need for quality, affordable housing for residents in West Elsdon. Pray for the people who live in overcrowded conditions.

      Ethnic Breakdown

  • Asian (0.7%)
  • Black or African American (1.9%)
  • Hispanic or Latino (75.4%)
  • White (21.4%)

Prove yourselves...above reproach to be blameless and innocent, children of God - Philippians 2:15

Neighborhood Background

Development was slow in West Elsdon. Development in nearby communities’ industries including Midway Airport made the neighborhood an attractive place to live. Growth continued after World War II as many immigrants settled into the area and were drawn to the opportunity of owning their own home in a quiet neighborhood.


Drastic change came to West Elsdon as they became a strong force for racial segregation and the first vocal political opponent of Chicago Housing Authority. Residents fought in the Airport Homes race riots in 1946, which was the start of a series of public housing riots in Chicago.


The residents were successful in their riots against integration and public housing and remained a predominantly middle class white neighborhood until the 1990s. The additional service to the Loop on the Orange Line has brought more diversity to West Elsdon, as well as suburban-style retail developments and raised property values nearby.